We are a team of multimedia experts for any mobile, embedded or desktop operating system. From specialized playback needs over streaming and encoding to recommendation to offer the user precisely custom tailored content - we have you covered.

Consulting in multimedia

Within the VideoLAN project, our team has gained large knowledge about everything related to multimedia.
We therefore can advise you about almost everything related to multimedia, from client applications to encoding quality or streaming architectures.

Multimedia App conception and design

We've been developing popular multimedia applications on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and on their TV system counterparts.
We can help you build the right app for your needs.

Multimedia engine integration

You need a custom multimedia engine to play custom streams or files? You need HLS on Android or DASH on iOS?
With libVLC you can get the best multimedia framework on every platform!

VLC customization

You want to have a VLC bug fixed, or have the VLC application ported to your platform?
Just ask our upstream VLC developers and we will find the best solution.

VLC support

We can provide support for VLC usage in enterprise deployments.
We can also provide support when using libVLC in custom applications.

Recommendation engine and Media recognition

With our knowledge about multimedia and VLC, we've acquired competences in video and media recommendation, and in image processing and recognition.


We build custom multimedia solutions based on VLC for operators, manufacturers, broadcasters and producers. Some of our clients include Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco, Sandisk and Swisscom.

Video Producers

Multi-format multimedia CMS with multi-screen synchronization.

Telco & Cable Operators

Multimedia Entertainment Center with recommendation engine.

Broadcasters & TV Operators

Multimedia cross platform backend with live streaming.

TV Manufacturers

Multimedia Center for Smart TVs.

Mobile Device Manufacturers

Multimedia Center for Android Mobile.

Game Console Manufacturers

Gaming Media Center.

Set-Top-Box Manufacturers

Multimedia Entertainment Center for STB.

Video Storage Providers

Multi-format media player.

Operating System Providers

Multimedia engine and player for custom operating systems.


All things open. We are major creators of open-source software.

  • VLC for AppleTV

    In strong collaboration with the VLC-iOS Development community, we bootstrapped, architected and developed an initial port to the 4th generation Apple TV and tvOS 9 with features still unmatched by any competing app.

    VLC for Apple TV is available free of charge on the App Store.

  • VLC for iOS

    After an initial fork developed by a French app studio was removed from the App Store in 2011 for legal reasons, we re-wrote VLC for iOS from scratch in early 2013 and keep innovating since then with a growing community of third party contributors.

    VLC for iOS is available free of charge on the App Store.

  • VLC for Modern Windows and Xbox

    Following a kickstarter campaign in late 2012, we started porting VLC to Microsofts then-new WinRT and Windows RT platforms, but we did not stop there. Now, VLC runs on Windows Phone, Universal Windows Platform and XboxOne (release pending).

    VLC is available free of charge on the Windows Store.

  • VLC for Android

    After an initial fork developed through a Google Summer of Code project, we took-over most of the development and design of VLC's Android port in strong collaboration with the community.

    VLC for Android is available free of charge on Google Play and the Amazon Fire Store.

  • LiBDSM

    lib Defective SMb (liBDSM) is a simple SMB protocol client implementation in pure C. The initial goal of this project was to have a library to acccess most SMB shares for reading files on mobile devices along with a license compatible with the iOS, Android and Windows App Stores to integrate it with the respective ports of VLC.

    liBDSM is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or later. A commercial license is also available.

  • microdns

    A minimal mDNS resolver (and announcer) library in pure C. It was developed to have a light-weight way to discover and announce network resources through the multicast Domain Name System (RFC 6762). It is currently included in VLC for Android and the Universal Windows Platform.

    libmicrodns is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or later.

  • VLC for Unity

    Download the Free Trial Version.

    VLC for Unity plugin: Use the power of VLC right inside your video games using the cross-platform LibVLCSharp API and latest LibVLC builds.

    vlc-unity is under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or later. A commercial license is also available when acquired through the Unity Store.


More than 30 happy customers since 2012

Our team

Jean Baptiste Kempf
Founder and CVO/CFO

VideoLAN president and VLC product lead

Simon Latapie

One-man band

Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
C, C++ engineer

Sea otters driven developer

François Cartegnie
C++ and C engineer

Adaptive VLC developer

David du Colombier
Go engineer

Master of Plan9 and Go contributor

Christophe Courtaut
Dev Ops

Yak Shaving Expert

Thomas Guillem
C engineer

VLC core developer

Steve Lhomme
C++, C#, C and java engineer

Inventor of the Matroska file format. Blame him for it.

David Loiret
JavaScript master

Web taster

Adrien Maglo
Head of Research

Geoffrey Métais
Android and Go engineer

Android Cone Leader

Alexandre Perraud
Java engineer and designer

Icon Tamer and Game Federator

Martin Finkel
C# engineer

Pierre Lamot
C++, C engineer

Romain Vimont
C, C++, Java and Rust engineer

VLC core developer

Android engineer

Emile Tawfik
Go engineer

Victorien Le Couviour (VLC)
ASM / C intern

C IS high level

Android intern

Alexandre Janniaux
C, C++, Rust engineer


Roger Essoh
Business Development, Channels & Sales Strategic Advisor
Stephan Ramoin
CEO Gandi
Tristan Leteurtre
CEO & Co-Founder at

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