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Audit, support, training, and more

Multimedia consulting

Our team will assist you with your new or existing multimedia projects, and if you have questions on VLC or FFmpeg.

Hire an expert for a few hours or several days to support your project, perform some bug fixing, improve existing features, get a full audit of your solution, or train some of your team members, with full flexibility.

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Tailored as if you made it

VLC services

What if you could modify VLC itself to match your requirements?

If you need to have a bug fixed, a feature added or improved, the VLC app ported to your platform or optimized to your workflow and your users’ needs, you are at the right place.

Contact us now, and we will determine together the solution that suits you best.

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Harness the beast

FFmpeg services

Most businesses in the multimedia industry use FFmpeg at some point in their products or processes. It is a powerful but rather complex software and we have the expertise to help you make the most of it.

Working closely with some historical developers and with the FFlabs consulting company behind FFmpeg, we offer the same kind of services as we do for VLC.

Get in touch and we will assist with your FFmpeg integration.

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Build it from scratch

App development

Need to take a fresh start for a new app ?

We have experience developing popular multimedia applications on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and various smart TV systems. We can build the right app for you including the best features from the VLC ecosystem.

Send us your requirements now.

The last steps made hassle-free

SDK & engine integration

Your app. Your rules. You’ve just got yourself one of our products and need to customize and integrate it to your app?

Sure. As for our consulting offer, hire an expert for a custom amount of time and we’ll take care of the rest. This works for any of our SDK and game engine integration.

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Custom development for sensitive projects

Defense package

With many successful projects for several defense companies and governmental agencies, we are happy to disclose our custom services suited for military-grade applications and other security use cases.

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