We are a team of multimedia experts, developing on any operating system (desktop, mobile, embedded). With a large panel of services, from streaming and encoding, to tailored content recommendation system and specialized playback prototypes, we have you covered.

Consulting in multimedia

Within the VideoLAN project, our team has gained large knowledge about everything related to multimedia. We therefore can advise you about almost everything related to multimedia, from client applications to encoding quality or streaming architectures.

Multimedia App conception and design

We have experience developing popular multimedia applications on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and various smart TV systems. We can help you build the right app for your needs.

Player SDK/engine integration

Do you need a custom multimedia engine to play custom streams or files?

HLS on Android or DASH on iOS? With libVLC you can get the best multimedia framework on every platform!

VLC customization

Do you need to fix a VLC bug, or to have the VLC app ported to your platform?

Get in touch and work with our upstream VLC developers to find the best solution.

VLC support

You need support for VLC, to ensure 100% reliability for your workflow? You need to be sure that your users needs are fulfilled? Just ask our support team made of upstream VLC developers.

Recommendation engine and Media recognition

With our expertise in multimedia and VLC, we’ve acquired significant experience in video and media recommendation, as well as in image processing and recognition.