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What's behind the cone?

About Videolabs

Videolabs was born from the VideoLAN community and started by maintaining the VLC ports on mobile. It is now the main contributor to VLC, hiring its historical developers, and building custom solutions around the VLC and FFmpeg ecosystems.

Videolabs delivers high-end work to various international clients from small companies to tech giants, and is behind many open source projects that are essential to most video ecosystems used today.

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Here you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects, while contributing to the open source community, among highly talented people, in a relaxed work atmosphere.

We offer competitive salary, remote work flexibility, and a flat organisation ensuring minimal processes to allow quick decision making and results.

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Who's behind the cone?

Meet the whole team

  • Jean-Baptiste Kempf
    Jean-Baptiste Kempf
    Founder and CTO/CFO
    VideoLAN president and VLC product lead
    Jean-Baptiste Kempf
  • Simon Latapie
    Simon Latapie
    One-man band
    Simon Latapie
  • Sébastien Hulin
    Sébastien Hulin
    Sales director
    Wow, so many devs around here
    Sébastien Hulin
  • Benjamin Arnaud
    Benjamin Arnaud
    GUI developer
    Code monkey
  • François Cartegnie
    François Cartegnie
    Mastering multimedia formats
    Breaking VLC releases since 2009
  • Maxime Chapelet
    Maxime Chapelet
    Any Apple OS, Swift/ObjC
    let gravity = nil /// prevent apple fallin…
  • Christophe Courtaut
    Christophe Courtaut
    Dev Ops
    Yak Shaving Expert
  • David Du Colombier
    David Du Colombier
    Go engineer
    Master of Plan 9 and Go contributor
  • Martin Finkel
    Martin Finkel
    C# engineer
  • Thomas Guillem
    Thomas Guillem
    C engineer
    I have no idea what I'm doing
  • Alexandre Janniaux
    Alexandre Janniaux
    C, C++, Rust engineer
    Cone seeker in Lyon
  • Felix Kühne
    Felix Kühne
    Obj-C, C engineer — Medic
    VideoLAN secretary and working on VLC since…
  • Pierre Lamot
    Pierre Lamot
    C, C++ engineer
    Potato&Cat tamer
  • Steve Lhomme
    Steve Lhomme
    C, C++, C# and java engineer
    Inventor of the Matroska file format. Blame…
  • Duncan McNamara
    Duncan McNamara
    Fullstack engineer, working on VLCBenchmark
  • Apsara Née
    Apsara Née
    Executive assistant
    Royal Raccoon
  • Alexandre Perraud
    Alexandre Perraud
    Java engineer and designer
    Icon tamer, user support psychologist, twisted…
  • Nicolas Pomepuy
    Nicolas Pomepuy
    Android tech lead
    I love to write code and ferment things
  • Marvin Scholz
    Marvin Scholz
    Developer for Apple platforms with focus on macOS
  • Alaric Sénat
    Alaric Sénat
    C, C++, Rust engineer
    Cats, Jazz & Parmesan
  • Emile Tawfik
    Emile Tawfik
    Go engineer
  • Romain Vimont
    Romain Vimont
    C, C++, Java and Rust
    I am an ingeneer... inginei... engeni... I…
  • Diogo Simao Marques
    Diogo Simao Marques
    Swift/ObjC engineer
    Tell your dog I said hi