VLC for Unity

VLC for Unity

We build custom multimedia solutions based on VLC for operators, manufacturers, broadcasters and producers

Our VLC for Unity plugin allows you to use a LibVLC-powered video player in your games and Unity apps. Whether you need to support a strange format, live streaming or play a 4K video in your latest production, we got you covered.

All LibVLC features available in your Unity game

Given that this plugin is using LibVLCSharp (which uses LibVLC), it exposes more or less the same feature set and same codecs support than VLC, such as:

Most things you can achieve with the regular VLC desktop app, you can also achieve using LibVLCSharp.

Platform Support

We are always working on adding more platform support.

Free trial version

We offer a free trial version of the Unity plugin for download that you can try out before your purchase. The only difference from the Unity Store build is that it contains a videolabs.io watermark picture on the video frame. Other than this, you can try every feature of the plugin without any limitation!